Onsite Pre-Insulated Pipework Foaming & Cladding

Gateway Shopping Centre - Chilled Water Airconditioning Plantroom
BHP Mooka Poly Carbon Steel Insulated Pipe
Darwin Airport Upgrade - iH2O Insulated Pipe Project

NTAP has both the knowledge and experience to provide a total HVAC pipework turn-key solution. As part of the total turn-key pre-insulated pipework offering, NTAP can take on full or part responsibility for the installation of complex insulated piping configurations for HVAC systems.

The process can start from client consultation and the design phase including the provision of a 3D model of the entire chilled water piping network, through to supply of the iH2O insulated pipe and pre-fabricated joints and fittings, onsite pipe foaming, cladding and installation. NTAP can provide past project client references on request.

Please contact us to discuss your iH2O pre-insulated pipework requirements in detail.