iH2O Insulated Pipe
iH2O - Australian Manufactured

Pre-Insulated Pipe for HVAC Systems

iH2O is a pre-insulated carrier pipe for cold and hot water mechanical applications such as chilled water industrial grade air-conditioning systems. Made to Australian standards, of high quality and is also readily available as the stock production and supplies are geared for quick turn around requirements.

Cladding and piping

The iH2O insulated pipe is available in varying combinations of cladding and service pipe, and can be produced to customer specifications.

Clad options

• Spiral Wound Galvanized Steel   • Spiral Wound Colorbond   • Spiral Wound Stainless Steel   • Spiral Wound Aluminium   • HDPE

Carrier options

• Copper   • Stainless Steel   • Carbon Steel   • HDPE   • PVC 

Foam insulation

The environmentally friendly polyurethane foaming system supplied by Australian Urethane Systems has a high Thermal Performance in our Pipe products. This foaming system is formulated using a blended blowing agent system predominantly of ecomate® producing a ZERO ODP (Ozone Depleting Potential) and low GWP (Global Warming Potential) polyurethane foam product. 

Australian made

Being an Australian made product iH2O uses Australian manufactured components and products which are made to the highest quality standards. These components include copper supplied by Australian copper tube manufacturer Crane Copper, galvanized steel manufactured by BlueScope Steel in Australia and an environmentally friendly foaming system manufactured by Australian Urethane Systems.

Territory and Australian proud iH2O is the next frontier to quality, readily available Australian made pre-insulated pipe and fittings.