Design & Manufacture of Plastic Products

NTAP has over 10 years’ experience in-house design and engineering of a range of specialised fabrications. These custom designed products include but are not limited to:
NTAP has over 25 years’ experience in general plastics fabrication. As part of our standard fabricated product range NTAP has designed and had certified to Australian standards a range of plumbing products, including hot water safe trays, plaster trap and grease arresters. NTAP can also provide a range of custom PVC products and solutions.

NTAP can both design and or fabricate to specification/ drawing polycarbonate protective screens for vehicles and commercial entities such as banks and police stations and more.

NTAP employs fabricators with thermoplastics and sheet metal trade skills as well as trains apprentices in these skills. NTAP invests in ongoing training for its fabricators who are capable of producing exceptionally high quality products.

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NTAP is very well versed in fabricating customised products using HDPE.

NTAP has extensive engineering and design capability enabling us to identify the use for HDPE and other suitable polymers and provide solu...

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NTAP supplies a suite of custom designed and manufactured pressurised, non-pressurised and insulated tanks using HDPE, PP & PVDF material depending on the application.

The tanks come in a range of sizes from 10...

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NTAP’s fabrication strength is HDPE pipe spooling.

For over 15 years NTAP has been a leading fabricator for HDPE pipe spooling to the mining industry in Australia.

NTAP has not only the enginee...

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NTAP has designed and had approved for 15+ years (passed as compliant) by the Northern Territory Government, a range of plumbing products which are fabricated to Australian Standards.

The range includes Hot...

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NTAP has experience in the design and construction of pontoons for industrial grade applications such as for use in de-watering applications at mine sites and floating platforms for various activities such as water ...

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PVC has excellent chemical and corrosion resistance as well as excellent electrical and thermal insulation and good impact resistance, therefore NTAP recommends and can produce to specification custom made PVC produ...

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